Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End- Hartlepool

"Right, got me ticket. You surely don't get a seven month detour for £7.50."

"I can almost smell hanging monkey."

"Just a brisk walk to the Headland now."

"Still there."

"Cannat beat a Saturday afternoon pint."

"Way aye, fatha." "WTF??"

"Where've ye been, son?""Oh, neewhere much."

"It were all this bastaad's fault."
"Oh, and she's the artistic director." "Could they not have put you three miles closer to the train station, you stubborn old get?"
"Ah well, that's that then. Let us know if ye'll take him off my hands again; I enjoyed the peace and quiet!!"

1 comment:

CBQ said...

Just made my way through December, January & February in one go having dipped in occasionally over the last 9 months - great blog and, no doubt, an excellent souvenir for you both.

Hope it's not too shit to be back!!